why rice cooker is not working

In this article we will have a detail look of the every common question we hear in our homes.we will analyses the issue of why rice cooker is not working.

One one hand rice cooker saves a lot of time and energy for people but on the other hand it can cause of tension as well .How often we are in hurry of cooking foods because the guest are about to arrive.But guess what happens? suddenly we find that rice cooker is not working.

The whole process is disappointing and very hard to handle.Especially if we have no alternative rice cooker.This means we have to use the normal kitchen ware which takes too much time and effort.

Lets try to come to our main issue why rice cooker not working?

there could be few reason which may cause the rice cooker not working.Before going deep into analyzing the issue the first thing we should do when we have such problem is to check the cable of the cooker. Sometime the cable is broken or damage and do not pass electricity to the cooker and the cooker is not working.

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