which rice cooker is best for brown rice? and know about the best rice cooker for brown rice.

Today we will discuss which rice cooker is best for brown rice through comparison of different pots.

brown rice can be cooked in all sorts of rice cookers whether they are manual or automatic.

Some of the major issue with the brown rice is that if you use the normal measuring cup and add water accordingly then the rice might be not fully cooked.

how to cook brown rice in a rice cooker

best rice cooker for brown rice

The major reason for this toughness of the brown rice is the outer hard part of the rice.

This harder part is not removed from brown rice and it takes a lot of time in the water to become soft.

This depends upon the material of the rice cooker and also the functions it could perform.

For brown the brown rice, the rice cooker must have automated functions and should have the reaseonable capacity.

Today we will cook brown rice ins instant pot why instant pot? because it is supper easy to cook with instant pot.for this you need to plugin your instant pot.put two of brown rice,the the brown rice could either be long grain brown rice or it could be short grain rice or it could be a mixture of white and brown rice.

the other ingredient you would require is water,but you can also use chicken broth or vegetable broth or spicy water whichever suits your taste.Put water(2 and half cups) and 2 cup rice into the instant put the top cover.make sure the value is one sealing

some people like to rinse rice before cooking so if you rinse the water you will reduce the quantity of water you add into the instant pot for cooking the rice to 2 cups instead of 2 and half cups.now press the manual button and wait for 22 minutes and till the cooker starts beefing. when the rice is fully cooked wait for about two minutes before opening the top cover of the instant pot.

lets us share with you a pro tip for cooking brown rice

Pro-tip for cooking brown rice

If you often find your brown rice half cooked then it is advisable to add some extra water.

It is also advisable to figure out the exact amount of water that needs to be added.


so what should be the amount of this extra water?.Well it depends upon the quantity of the rice and the rice cooker you are using for the rice cooking.

Usually, if we add 2 cups of water for 1 cup of white rice then for brown you should add an additional cup and make it 1/3 instead of 1/2

best rice cooker for brown rice

Brown rice cooker can be prepared in any sort of rice cooker if you need the actual method. The issue lies in the preparation method of the rice and not the rice cooker.

all the available rice cooker in the market have the ability to cook rice cooker in the best.for cooking brown rice in the rice cooker always remember to add some extra water to it as they are more tough from the outside and takes time to soften.

Next time if you want to cook brown just add some additional water into the pot instead of wondering about which rice cooker is best for brown rice?

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