what rice cooker should i buy ?

We often hear people asking this question what rice cooker should i buy ?. The answer to this question is not fixed for everyone.

some of us have a different level of consumption and we will have to to buy the right size and capacity in order to meet our requirement. other people may require some additional function instead of just cooking rice only.

To help you decide on the question of what rice cooker should i buy? we have written this article just for the guidance purpose and to help the users to have an appropriate cooker.

The following things must be consider before you buy any kind of cook

How much rice shall cook? and what will be the appropriate size of the rice cooker?

The following table will give you and idea about your estimated consumption of rice and the required capacity of the pot

Personsricec to cook and capacity
1-31 Cups uncooked rice
3-52 Cups (Uncooked)
6-83 Cups
10-126 Cups

The above estimates are valid if you want to serve rice as the main dish but if you have the plan to serve as a side dish then divide the above by 2.

what is the size of your pocket?

We all know that the budget can be a major factor in deciding the type of rice of cooker.

Some us want automatic function included in it but many can go without it. The automated one will be little expensive while the manual one will be cheap in price.

it is worth mentioning here that the cheap price cooker may although cook for you but they many not be long-lasting.

Another disadvantage of such pots would be the absence of particular safety functions.

what functions do you need to have?

Sometimes you just need a small size ordinary rice cooker no matter what who is the manufacturer or what brand it is.but it is always not the case with everyone. some people prefer branded products when it comes to kitchen appliances.

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what rice cooker should i buy ?
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