Rice cooker buying guide-How to choose a perfect rice cooker for your family

User guide for buying rice cooker

What is rice cooker?

This question may sound weird but due to waste of majority of pots which are currently available in the market claiming to be rice cooker,it is actually necessary to know the exact definition of rice cooker.How often you purchase a rice cooker? But need suggestions from friends and chefs about different pots?.

This article is written to provide the ultimate guide for buying Rice cooker.Let me tell you ,actually these are modern forms of conventional pressure cookers. It has made the rice cooking more easy, safer and fun.

Rice cookers are designed in such a way that they makes the cooking price convenient and fun.They are not only used for cooking rice but can also be used for cooking a variety of other dishes like meat and vegetables.These pots can also be used to prepare cakes and other bakery items.

Pro tips for a perfect pot

List of features that a perfect rice cooker must have

  1. A perfect rice cooker is one that is easy to handle
  2. It should be available within your budget
  3. The material should be of high quality
  4. capacity should be enough to meet your family needs
  5. The outer side of the rice cooker should be cool to touch
  6. Should contain some advance setting like keep warm and cool touch
  7. Equipped with detachable inner lid
  8. The inner rice bowl should be easy to clean

Its automated functions have enabled us to prepare rice for our family without too much hardship or waste of energy.

Lets know about history of cookers

It is one of the modern-day kitchen appliances which automatically cook and steam rice and it is also known as a rice steamer.

The first such appliance was made in 1250 BC which was made of ceramic material and is displayed in the British Museum.

Know your need before going to shop a cooker

If you are an Asian family who eat rice cooker in routine then you need to buy a high quality rice cooker. You will also need features like induction heating and micro processing.however if you and your family eat white rice occasional then a cheap one will also work great.

Cheap rice cookers

Lets first talk about the first option available. If you don’t eat rice very often and eat rice occasionally then a cheaper rice cooker can do it. One thing that needs to be make sure about the cheap rice cookers, is the material of the cooker. Never compromise over the quality of material buy it even if it is manual and don’t have automated and advance option, if it is made of high-quality material.

The following is a list of some cheap rice cookers with high quality material and some advance features.

  1. Hamilton Beach 37549-it will cost $40
  2. Hamilton Beach 37541-available within $40
  3. Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker-This rice cooker will cost you $50

Gas rice cooker and its usage

Before the introduction of cookers, rice cooking was a hectic job, you have to see it again and again to know if they are fully cooked and avoid it from burning.

It can be used only for cooking rice but they can also make some other types of foods.

But now this function is controlled by the electronic rice cookers which have the technology for controlling the time and heat

These appliances have reduced the human involvement in the rice cooking process. Human involvement is required for putting the desired amount of water, rice, and spices inside it and closing of the top cover of the device.

Why we use a rice cooker and why people prefer it over pressure cooker?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions.

The answer to the question is simple; people need a specialized vessel for cooking rice and that’s why they prefer to use the cookers instead of the common pressure cookers.

 The unique and beautiful design of the modern-day rice cookers have also made them attractive to different people. The other factor that could be considered is the taste and the additional functions of the rice cooker.

The additional functions include automatic shut off and keeping the rice warm function. Moreover, these pots are safer and under control than a conventional cookers.

How rice cooker works?

This is the question that pops ups every time we see something cooking in the in these pots.

To understand it better will break down the different parts of the rice cooker and see how they function.A basic unit has the following parts

  • Main body
  • Inner bowl made of aluminum or steel
  • Electric heating element
  • Thermostat

The inner bowl is filled with pure drinking water and heated in this way the water reaches its boiling point and starts evaporating.

 The evaporated water drops back and turns off the thermostat. The evaporated steam then is absorbed back into the rice. This process makes the rice softer and juicy in taste.

After the evaporated drops or steam is absorbed back into the rice, this is the time for some cooker to switch off and for others it is the time to convert into keep warm function pot.

The modern electric rice cooker uses fuzzy logic to control the temperature, use of induction instead of the resistive heating system and the ability to rinse the rice.

Material of the pot

As you know that people are now using pressure cookers instead of the traditional cooking pot so the competition in the cookers manufacturing industry in increasing day by day. New manufacturers are emerging into the market.

The new producers rely only on the price to compete with the big brands.To save cost they sometimes compromise over the material of the pot and this could be dangerous for someone using the cooker in his or her home or restaurant.

Before we purchase a pot we must that we are not going after a non-branded appliance.The second thing you must consider is the size of the pressure cooker which will be decide by the quantity of rice we want to cook within the pot.

 You will have an estimate of rice usage of the cooker in your daily or monthly routine. We are also always aware of the estimated number of persons the rice will be cooked in that particular unit.

Stainless steel rice cookers are the most demand cookers in the market in these days.stainless steel material is of high quality and can last longer and are safe.They are also easy to clean.

The capacity of rice cookers

The capacity of the appliance is usually measured in cups. The cup size taken for this purpose contains six to eight ounces of rice.

For your guidance, one cup of uncooked rice can grow to one and a half to two and a half cups when cooked.

This mainly depends upon the quality, type of rice and the time duration for which the rice is being soaked in water before cooking.

The following table will help you to ascertain the capacity of your desired model.

Capacity of rice Cooker No. of individuals
 3-Cup 4-6
 6-Cup 6-8
10-Cup 17-20
20-Cup 30-35

To know more about how much rice should you cook you can find it here

Types of the appliances

In modern times there are many types of rice cooker available in the market. You can choose one which fit into your requirements.

For your general understanding, we have categories them into the following broad categories.

Conventional /Manual cookers

They are simple in structure and design, just add rice and water and put it on the heat and it prepares rice for the whole family within a few minute

It also looks similar to the conventional pressure cookers. The Structure and design of the pot are continuously changing with the passage of time.

These cookers have basic functionality like any other cooker, with a heat plate and a push button. They can prepare any type of rice but in view of a lot of users, this type of cooker is best for white rice only.

The conventional rice cookers might be single portion rice cooker or multiple portion rice cooker.a single portion rice cooker simply means that the cooker has only one portion and you can cook one meal at a time in this type of pot.

While in multiple portion rice cooker you have choice of more than on portion and can be used for cooking more than one dish at a time.like people put rice in the lower portion and keep some veggies on the top side.the upper portion gets steam from the lower boiling water from rice and gets steamed.

  Modern digital Units

The design of such type of pot is slightly different from the conventional rice cooker. They also work with electric instead of heating it on fire.

They have a certain type of chip which not only controls the cooking time .Keep the temperature inside the cooker within the desired limit.

Inside chip of the cooker works as a thermal sensor and identity how much heat and time the food will require for cooking.

When the heat and time are determined the cooker then starts its functioning. As cookers are more internally controlled and therefore safer and secure than the conventional version.

You can also categories rice cooker on the bases of the its need.Either you want to buy it for traveling or family use.If the pot is intended to be used for travel purpose then it should be of not only high quality material but also should be light weight and easy to pack.if you are interested in reading more about small travel size rice cooker then click here.

On the other hand if you are buying it for family use then first of all you should have accurate measurement of family rice consumption.The buyer should be also aware of his kitchen and storage space.Please read more about this topic on our article about best rice cooker for small family.

Pressure and heat vessels

This is the type of cooker which combines the characteristics from both the conventional cooker and modern digital pots.

This type of vessels uses induction heat and the steam generated inside the rice cooker to cook the rice.

Are rice cooker unhealthy?

Yes they are unhealthy if the material of the pot contains some hazardous materials which are not friendly to human health.

The material of the cooker should be properly checked and if not sure the manufactueing company must be contacted and asked.

Donabe pot

This is not like the conventional cooker.it is basically a clay pot which is used for cooking rice.

As compared to the conventional and digital rice cooker appliances, Donabe is very slow when it comes to the cooking time of rice.

Donabe actually originated from japan is now used throughout the world for cooking rice.

Due to its delicious rice, this pot is like by people around the world. You want to know more about this amazing cooking pot here.

What to consider when buying the cooker?

our guide for buying Rice cooker will help in various ways. it will help you in identifying various elements to consider before deciding which brand and model to purchase. The following are some of the key elements which you should keep in mind before buying . The size of the cooker

  • The material of the pot this could be ceramic, metal or steel
  • Purchase price
  • Ease of availability, ether you will order it online or purchase it locally from a nearby store
  • Manufacturing brand

Before purchasing any cooker you should compare the above parameter and then decide which single portion rice cooker will suit your requirements and budget.

If you want to take my advice on which elements of the above are most important. Well, I will advise you to give heed to the material of the cooker.

The other thing that you must keep in mind is the brand of the cooker. A brand is important because the established brands have tested products.

People test the brands’ product and then the recommend the product to other people.

If you try to save on money and purchase a rice cooker from a non-reputable brand then it might be a dangerous bargain for you.

Pressure cooker work on steam, if the material of the product is not of high quality then the user will remain at risk.

The cooker may explode and could cause damage to human or your property or both at the same time.

The Capacity of the Unit

Some of these pots have more capacity than others, so it is important to ascertain the required size for which will suit


Conventional cookers are less expensive than the modern digital rice cooker but they have more functions and utility than the conventional one.

Rice cooker material

Good Material ensures the durability of the pot. Even if the price of a cooker is high as compared to others, purchase it if the material is of high quality.

High quality of material not only ensures that the appliance will last for a longer time and it will be safer for use. This guide for buying rice cooker give more importance to this element than any other.

Inner pot should be easy to clean

The inner part of the inner rice bowl should be non-sticky for rice and should be easily cleanable with water and washing soap.

It should also be kept in mind that some of these units contain a built-in steel bowl which has more durability but these steel bowls are harder to clean.

Keep warm function

Some cookers have an automatic function of converting into rice warmer when the rice is fully cooked.

This function keeps the rice warm and you will not have to warm it again for serving.

Material coolness

The material of the pot should be such that the heat should not be absorbed into the material and the outer of the Pot should remain cool.

Are they safe.?

Overall from a health point of view rice cookers are safe for health. There is typically two aspects of this type of pot which could be treated as unsafe. if you are interested in reading the health-related matters keep on reading our guide for buying.

The first aspect is the hygiene condition of the inner part.

If the inner part has a scratch or some sort of rust on it,  then it could be not good for food and ultimately for your health.

So if your cooker inner pot got rust or scratches on it then it would be better to replace it.

The other aspect of safety is the danger of blast due to the accumulation of excessive steam inside the pot.

Normally the digital rice cookers are safer than the conventional ones because they are designed for avoiding excessive steam.

It is also worth mentioning that the rubber band on the edges of the cover of the conventional cookers, sometimes causes danger.

If this rubber is broken or not clean then it could either result in the explosion of the pot or it can harm the health of people consuming the food prepared in it.

Rice cookers prices

This prices can be lower than 50 bucks reaches upto 500 bucks.people usually buy rice cookers which are under 100 bucks.

For commercial use these appliances can cost more than $250 too. They are available brand new and you can also purchase a second-hand if you want it on budget.

Please note that this guide for buying Rice cooker may not contain the exact prices. For checking the updated price please head on to the amazon website

How much time the it take to cook

The exact time that the appliance will require for cooking the rice actually depend upon the quantity of rice, the type of rice, type of appliance underuse.

To give you a rough estimate I will say that it may take up to 15 minutes.

There are many spots available where all sort of cookers are available. You can purchase it from your local grocery store.

We can purchase the desired models and brands online.it will be convenient for anyone to purchase it online.

Few important factors

 First important element material of the pot. It is an important element because it affects not only the taste of your food but also can cause danger to safety.

So you must select the one that has high-quality material and that could be durable .The main reason is that people are not supposed to buy a cooker every now and then.

The second important factors which should be invested before any purchase decision are built-in functions in the cooker.

You are not supposed to buy a pot that have every best quality on earth in it. Purchase only the one that has all the functions that will be needed to serve in the best way.

We try our best to meet expenses like rent, insurance, fuel, laundry, cleaning, and other household expenses. This makes it difficult for us to spend too much on costly cookwares.

This means you should also keep in mind, the budget that is affordable when selecting the right cookware for family.

These appliances are supposed to be used every now and then, so make sure its inner part is can be removed from its body. It must be non-sticky and easy to clean with water and washing soup.

This means that every time you head towards finding one, make sure that the manual says that the inner part is removable and easy to clean.

At the end of this article we would like some of the most asked questions which are frequently asked by customers when they want to purchase a rice cooker.

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

What is the best rice cooker?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions but there is not simple and one answer to this question. We will provide a simple list of rice cookers which will help you to select one of the best cooker according to your need.

Overall best : Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker is considered as the best cooker overall due to its multiple advance options and ease of use. It is also very reasonable in price and have high quality material and modern design.

Best rice cooker for GABA rice: Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker is liked by people around the world for cooking GABA rice perfectly. It is nonstick and very easy to use.

Best budgeted rice cooker: Oster 6-Cup Cooked Rice Cooker is one of the most affordable and high quality cooker which you can buy for making rice and other dishes.

We will add some useful information to this guide for buying Rice cooker so keep visiting.

Which brand of rice cooker is the best?

The following is a list of popular manufacturing brands

  1. Hamilton Beach
  2. Aroma
  3. Tiger
  4. Zojirushi
  5. Cuckoo
  6. Midea
  7. Oyama
  8. T-fal
  9. Elite Cuisin
  10. Cusinaid
  11. Procter Silex
  12. Oster
  13. Instant pot
  14. Panasonic

Final note

Rice cooker is modern cookware. They save you time and effort. But buying a unit which could fulfill all your needs require some research. Also, don’t empty out your pockets is something that you must learn before use.

Throughout this buying guide, we have tried our best to bring you all the details about these modern appliances so that you have more information and have more choices to select the best one for yourself.

To summaries this guide for buying Rice cooker we would like to once again bring your attention to the key elements that must be considered before choosing any model.

The purpose of this buying guide is to help purchase the best rice cooker for his family at his budget.If you have any suggestions please write down in the comment sections and we will get in touch with you.

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