How to repair rice cooker thermostat at home

This post is for all those who want to how to repair rice cooker thermostat free of cost.Some time we see that our rice cooker is not properly heating,sometimes it is overheating and burning the rice.

How to repair rice cooker thermostate

all these problems occur only if the thermostat of the cooker is not properly working.the thermostat needs to fixed even if the pots takes just more time for cooking the meal than the recommended time.

so just lets go straight down to how to fix rice cooker thermostat in the easiest way.

Prefer watching how it works? watch this rice cooker you tube video

First of all just keep the rice cooker upside down and you will be able to see the tiny screws on its bottom.These screws can be removed to reach to the thermostat part of the pot.

The above rice cooker you tube video will help a lot in how to repair rice cooker thermostat.Watch it again if you forget the steps and then implement those steps.

Rice cooker inner pot replacement

once you have reached the thermostat part which is located below the bottom cover first of all check the power cord.the cord can be checked for its functionality with the help of a check meter also called AM meter.take out the cord from the cooker and check it using the meter.

If the meter is showing 220 V then it means the the cord is working fine. you need to go deeper in order to identity other reasons of the problem.

Test the electric cord

Connect the AC cord back to the pot and test the power inside the socket using the same check meter again.For doing this you will have attached the meter to the back side of electric plug which is located inside the body of the cooker.

If the meter displays reading then it means that the socket have power and the problem is somewhere else.You also need to check the fuse in order to have a better idea.

How to replaced burn fuse?

If the fuse is show as burn then it time replace it. Just open the pot more further.Fuse is actually a small wire which is 10 amp 250 volt.But before doing that,make sure you discount the electricity and after this remove the power socket out of the pot.

Now just turn on the meter to 10 X check the fuse through this check meter.If the meter does not show any reading then it means that the fuse have burn already and its time to replace it.

From where to purchase electric fuse for my cooker?

Just go to the nearby electric shop and buy a new fuse for it.but before installing it to the cooker we recommend it checking in the same way as you did before.

Rice cooker repair

Rice cooker repair for such type of small issues can be done at home without too much of knowledge.but it does not mean that you start repairing all sorts of devices at home for repairing purpose.

If you start doing so it will take a lot of time and effort and at the end you may not be able to fix may also use inappropriate tools for opening the tools which could be damaging to the pot.

We recommend using this method only if not alternative is available.

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