Best single portion rice cooker

We often people saying, a single portion rice cooker is the best option if you have a small family. It is a rice cooker that has only a single portion and cannot be used for cooking two dishes at the same time.In other words, these are small rice cooker which can be used for cooking rice only.they are considered as the highest rated rice cookers of all times.

Best single portion rice cooker

In this article, we are going to analyses the best five top-rated single portion rice let’s dive into

Rival 10-Cup Rice Cooker 

It is the proud production emerging brand Rival which is one of the leading manufacturers of rice cookers from China. it is one of the best single portion rice cooker within affordable price range.Prepare an easy, completely healthy and fat-free meal with this pot. It is very easy to operate and have just one switch and two settings for cooking and keeping the cooked rice warm.

One of the most versatility in function single portion rice cooker

This rice cooker can be used for cooking any sort of meal even vegetables. The domed glass of the pot helps to retain moisture and nutrients of the food. It will also allow seeing the cooking process from outside. The glass lid is separate from the main body of the cooker.

The rice cooker also includes a function which would turn the product into warmer instead of a cooker. This will enable you to taste warm rice whenever you reach home.

Great for cooking brown rice

This pot is also able to prepare brown rice. The info book contains a list of different types of dishes which can be cooked using this product.

But please avoid using excess water when cooking brown rice it may affect the taste of the rice. I will not suggest cooking of Oatmeal in this cooker because it will take a lot of time.

When food is cooking, a red light will remain on another yellow light will illuminate. The steaming try is made of aluminum.It requires 120v A.C only and it is 400 watt.if you do not know what rice cooker should i buy ? just give it a try and you will not regret it.

This single portion rice cooker has a handle on each side which remains cool from sides throughout the cooking price and you will be protected from getting yourself burnt while handling it.

It has also power indicator lights which will let the consumer know once the cooking cycle is completed. These handle also help in easy use of the cookers. It is also very easy to clean with simple dishwashing soap and water.

Accessories package

The rice cooker has a removable nonstick inner bowl which has 10 cup capacity of cooked rice.It also contains a steaming basket which holds vegetables or shrimp for two to three peoples.

The rice cooker package includes a cup for measuring rice cooker.It is also accompanied with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

IMUSA- Another great single portion rice cooker

IMUSA GAU-00011 is another one of the best single portion rice cookers. It is simple and elegantly designed rice cookers with just one on and off button and 2 lights indicator. It is also very low priced and simple to operate. If you have not used an electric rice cooker previously then, in my opinion, you should try this one.

Why I am saying that you should try this?. Well, there are two reasons to justify my thoughts about this pot. The first reason is that it is very low in price so if it does not make any sense of using the rice cooker then you would only lose a small amount of money.

More about this cooker

The other thing is that if you are using the electric cooker for the first time then it will cause some difficulties in operating because most of the rice cooker have complex functions but this pot is very easy to operate.

The two functions will also it to operate in a cooking mood or keep it warm mood. When the cooking starts the cook light will indicate that the cooking process is in progress.

How this single portion rice cooker works

Once the cooking time has been completed the warm light will start to illuminate.This which will also be an indication that the rice cooker is not cooking the food but instead it is just keeping the rice warm. This whole transition is automatic and you don’t have to do anything about it.

It is not only suitable for rice but can also be used for cooking any sort of can be used for brown rice as well but it will require some extra water and time for cooking delicious brown rice.

This product is made in China and available online on amazon and the delivery could take a maximum of 1 week to the doorstep the costumer.

It required a voltage of 120v which is equal to 240 does not contain any timer. This rice cooker automatically turns off once the meal is ready but it is recommended not to keep the pot unattended for a longer period of comes only in white color and no other color is available.

Hamilton 37517

It is another simple single portion rice cooker with low has the greater capacity with 16 cups cooked can be used for cooking any food especially rice, whole grains, hot cereal, steamed vegetables & much more.

It has also an automatic shut off function. Which means that the rice cooker will turn off once the food is fully prepared? The cooker will turn into warmer after the rice is cooked and will keep it warmer for a longer time so you don’t have to warm it again and again.

Some of the features included in this pot

It is very simple in operating and has just one button of on and off and 2 simple light indicators which will show the process is either cooking or warming.

It’s material is nonstick and will have no issue in cleaning. It also comes with rinse bowl for rice but the one negative thing about this rinsing bowl is that the holes are just too small and it will take some time for the water to go out of those pores.

You will be happy with this rice cooker but it can be messy if the steamer basket is not used but it will be all right if steamer basket is used while you are cooking rice. You can steam frozen vegetables in it and add meat on top of it simultaneously and it will cook both of them perfectly and both of them will be ready at the same time.

It can also cook fish, shrimp, and even chicken with this amazing pot.It could be a little big for a small family and we recommend it using when you have up to 6 persons to feed.

Multitasking and other elements

This rice cooker is excellent if you know how to cook. I will suggest you not to overfill it because if you do so it may leak. For perfect rice add 2 cup water in one cup of rice also add a teaspoon of olive oil if possible for delicious rice. When the cooking process has vanished unplug it from the electric socket and let it steam.

If the product contains any sort of issue it can be replaced from Amazon without extra cost. Amazon will collect defective item right away from your doorstep. The package also includes a measuring cup and a white rice spoon.

Livart Rice Cooker

The great thing about this rice cooker is its small size it can be used by a single person. It is very comfortable carrying as it has handles on both sides and can be carried to work easily. This high-quality appliance is manufactured in South Koria.

If you are often confused by the complex operations of the modern-day rice cookers then this pot could be a great choice.It is as easy to use as a manual cooker with just a single button.

This single portion rice cookerKeeping warm function is great if the user intends to eat the rice after some time after cooking. This function is fully automatic and will turn on once the rice has been cooked.

This appliance is easy to wash because of its Teflon coated interior. This coating prevents the rice from sticking the rice into the inside of the cooker.

Product specification

Product Dimensions   8 x 8 x 8.2 inches
Item Weight 3.45 pounds
Manufacturer Livart
Item model number L-001N
Voltage required 110 V

This appliance will cook one cup of rice in only 20 minutes. it comes with a detachable cord. This unit is about 5 inch in diameter and 8 inches tall.It should also be noted that the inner plastic piece is no lid and is only a storage container.

Although it is a one-cup pot the maximum amount of rice that can be cooked into this vessel is about 1.5 cup of rice. The measuring cup included in the package should be used and not the actual teacup we normally use at home.

It also has a very small amount of electricity consumption at just 230 watts. The rice cooker can be used to cook any sort of dish.


If you want to know more about any specific single portion rice cooker you can write to us.we will try to find useful information about that particular cooker model and will publish it for your convenience so you don’t have to try it searching for hours.

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