Different between rice steamers vs rice cookers ?

Good kitchen appliances are those that make you comfortable while cooking .In this article, we will discuss rice steamers vs rice cookers ? how they are different and what they can do.

In the old days’ people cook their food in the traditional pot which was healthy but they have some serious issues.

What were those issues? Well these pots were timing consuming and I older days people have a lot of time but in the modern era, life has changed dramatically.

both of these pots are available in different capacities.choose the one which serve your needs.

Not only these older pots were slow in their cooking process but also the food cooked in these vessels would sometime not completely cook. This half could result in health issues and were also not tasty.

Lets know about rice cooker with steamer recipes

Many of us now just cannot afford to spend hours cooking because we have to do other multiple tasks.The rice cooker steamer recipes are not only delicious to eat but also healthy from health point of view.

Steamers and rice cookers are the modern alternatives for all those traditional pots. But some of us may not aware of the difference between these two.

Let’s read in more detail about the difference and functionality of each of these vessels.

Rice Steamers

Rice Steamers
Rice Steamers

They have simplified functions than rice cookers. They are only meant to maintain nutrients of the food and offer very low fat easy to cook methods for meals.

The two main dishes for which we often use the steamer are fish and vegetables. However any other food can also be steamed.It can also be used to steam meat too.

Steamers can be used for Steaming food after cooking in an ordinary cooker. This process would speed up the process of cooking meal preparation.

If the user requires low-fat vegetables and other similar dishes then they should buy steamer instead of an electric steamer.

One of the main issue with this type of devices are they are little difficult to clean. Sometime they might be difficult to use as they are mostly manual.

Rice Cookers

They have low cooking time and usually cook in a quick way. These units are specialized in cooking rice only but can also versatile.

These appliances can be divided into 3 types. The first one is the basic version, which includes only the on and off button.

The other one is the medium level .It contains some sort of non-sticking coating on its inner bowl.This makes it easy to wash after cooking.

The third version is the advanced type with Fuzzy logic which could keep the rice warmer for delayed use.

These also have delayed starter function which means that the cooking can be started on the desire of the user.

These appliances are easy to use with its automated functions. If the customer needs to cook usually , they should buy rice cooker .As it has a variety of functions like delayed timer an keep warm function.

 Know more about rice cooker steamer basket

The customers can also have rice cooker with steamer.Which means that you can enjoy both functions.The benefit of steaming can be availed even from a rice cooker .
It makes rice cooker steamer basket one of the important part.The user should give proper attention to steamer basket as will.

The rice cooker & steamer are some time different pots. But some time you can have a pot which contains both of these functions.The appliances with both of these types of function are little higher in price.

What you can you do with steam try?

The steam basket is a great accessory inside a rice pot.With this rice you will be able to steam vegetables and rice both at the same time.Vegetables steamed over rice has a unique flavor and aroma to the rice as well.

So next time do not forget about rice steaming basket.The cooker with such type of try must also include preset setting for steaming .

How much you can steam in a cooker will depend upon the size of the pot. Greater the size of the appliance the more you will be able to steam.

Is food steamer is different from steamer tray?

These are not different from the rice cooker veggie steamer.They are used above the pot and works on the steam emitting from the hot rice.So when the appliance is turn on,the inner pot starts warming.

The heat from the inner bowl starts transmitting to the water. This makes the water boiling.When the water reaches its boiling point it starts converting into steam.

When the steam is enough inside ,it tries to eject the pot.The veggie steamer is kept over rice in order to steam them.

How to use rice cooker steamer tray ?

Steaming time of each cooker may be different but way is same.Just wash the vegetables with normal water. Put the rice and water into the rice cooker.

After adding the rice into the pot , place the steamer tray over the rice. Add the vegetables into the steaming tray and close the top cover.

The following video is for understanding how to use rice in a rice cooker ? .It will also show you to how steam in the right way?.

Final thought

Well, it is my own opinion, some of you might not agree with me.To me, a rice cooker is more versatile and faster in cooking. Steamers are slow in processing the food but the food can cook tastier meals.

As most of the time, we are short with time due to our daily routine .So we want appliances that could cook the food faster .This is the reason, most of us prefer rice cookers.

however, rice cookers and rice steamers are great additions to kitchens. This Rice steamers vs rice cookers is a wide topic for discussion .We will be discussed in more detail in future articles.

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