Top 7 Best Rice Cookers For Sticky Rice of 2020-Consumer Guide for buying a perfect pot

ricecooker for sticky rice

Rice is one of the most favorite dishes of most Asian people but people love rice in America and Africa and other parts of the world. With passage of time the kitchen appliance is improving keep in view the fast face of the people. Now people want to cook food in little time. Rice cooker is one of the best solutions of this problem. If you want to prepare high quality delicious rice within no time then rice cooker is a great choice for you.

Rice cooker is not easy to cook with manual pots and obviously rice cooker is a perfect option to have rice cooked. With this amazing pot you will be able to prepare soft and perfect rice even if the cook is not very seasoned with cooking price. This means that rice cooker can be used for cooking rice without too much of cooking expertise.

In this article we have brought to you some of the best rice cooker of the world in modern times which will satisfy most of the needs. The following is a list of best rice cooker for sticky rice.

List of best rice cooker for sticky rice

Item Names Dimensions Color Material
Gourmet GRC670 9.25 x 10 x 9.5 inches white Stainless Steel
Oster Rice Cooker Not Mentioned Silver Stainless Steel
Aroma Housewares10.4 x 11.1 x 8.1 inches WhiteNonstick Coating
Aroma Housewares10.8 x 11.2 x 10.8 inches silver Not Notice
Aroma Rice Cooker 9.3 x 8.5 x 8.7 inches Silver Stainless Steel
Tiger Corporation JBV-A10U10.6 x 13.9 x 8.4 inches White Plastic
10-in-1 Copper Tech PressurePro14 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches Copper Not Notice
Oster CKSTRC61K-TECO9 x 10 x 10 inchesSilver/Black Nonstick
Tiger JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup 10.8 x 9.8 x 10.3 inches Urban Satin Plastic
Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB 9.12 x 11.88 x 7.5 inches Stainless Black Stainless Steel

Gourmet GRC670

This is perfect rice cooker for families who want to prepare steam meat, chicken, fish, oatmeal, grains, or quinoa or other similar is very easy to easy and you can prepare anything you like in it.

With this rice cooker the cooking process will be seamless and very easy. If you don’t eat rice when they are prepared then it has keep warm function which will preserve the rice for longer time so could you could eat when desire.

 The digital screen of the rice cooker will help monitor the cooking process and help the cook to prepare the rice according to his/her taste. Its capacity is not much and if you want to prepare 5-8 capacity then this will perfect choice.

Oster Rice Cooker

The best thing about this rice cooker is the manufacture provides a complete easy to understand instructions. With the help of these instructions even a common man having no previous experience with rice cooking can prepare great quality and delicious rice within few minutes.

It is very easy all you need to do is to put some rice add some water as per instruction and then press the heating button and wait for the cooking time to complete.

Even if the cook don’t know how much rice and water to add, this cooker comes with a plastic cup which would be of great help when it comes to measuring the quality of the rice.

The capacity of this cooker is medium and can be used for about 6 cup of rice. It also comes with a steaming basket and you can use this steaming basket to steam veggies and other similar food items.

Aroma Housewares-White

We have added this cooker in our top 10 best rice cooker for sticky rice, because it has automated keep it warm option for about ten hours. This automated option is available in most of the high price rice cookers.

It can cook rice in this aroma housewares in about 25 minutes and the you can monitor this time through the digital display on the surface of the comes with steaming basket and also contain inner pot.

The inner pot of the cooker is very easy to wash. This is multi-tasking rice cooker which can be used to cook rice and vegetables at the same time. It is available in white color you can also purchase it in other colors but it has different dimension and price.

Aroma Housewares-Silver

All the features of this Aroma housewares-silver are same but its dimensions are is little larger in also contains steaming basket and the inner bowl. There is also a slight difference in prices of the rice cooker

It also contains keep up warm function which could be used to keep the rice warm for a longer time after cooking so you don’t have to warm it again. The steaming basket of the cooker can be used to steam vegetables and other food times inside it along with rice cooking.

It is available in silver color and if you have family requirement of rice more than 6 cups then this rice cooker is just for you.

Aroma Housewares-Silver-Mini

It is the mini version of Aroma Housewares -silver. Both of these cookers have the same functions and same utility and color but the only difference is the size and dimensions of both these pots.

This rice cooker comes with steaming basket and also contain the keep warming is little cheaper than the larger size .the material of the both theses cookers same so you can buy the full version or the mini version based on the rice requirement of your family or family size.

Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB  

This cooker has amazing setting for sushi rice and other rice like brown rice, long grain and white also contain presetting for quick cooking of rice. This rice cooker is very to easy and you will not have to consume too much time in understanding its setting.

The triple heating system of the rice cooker enable it to spread the heat evenly throughout the pot. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an average low-cost rice cooker for his family needs.

The retractable cord of the cooker makes it further easy and simple to use then conventional rice cookers.

It is made of high-quality stainless-steel material which makes it long lasting and very secure in use.   The dimensions of the cooker are 9.12 x 11.88 x 7.5 inches   and is available in   Stainless Black  color.

Tiger JNP-S10U-HU

JNP series remain one of the most favorite series in the rice cooker history, it is also one of the most favorite cooker today. As it is made of japan so rest assure about the quality of the material and functionality.

This cooker is great for cooking white rice in few minutes. After the cooking time of the cooker has been completed you can serve the rice with the help of nonstick pan and spatula which is provided with the rice cooker.

JNP series is also equipped with keep warm function which means you can keep the rice warm for a longer time and can eat it warm whenever you want. The keep warm function is so strong and effective that it can keep the rice warm for a period of 12 hours.

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