best rice cooker for small family

rice cooker for small family

In this article, we will analysis few choices available for best rice cooker for small family to the users. We have also taken into consideration the overall quality, price, material, time, safety and functionality into consideration.

If you have a family of 3-5 members then you can consider buying any of these pots. All of these cookers are selected keeping in view the needs of a small family. Here is the details review of each of them.

Zojirushi NHS-10

It is one of the best rice cookers for small family. This product is from “Zojirushi” which is one of the major brands. The modern design cooker has 6 cups capacity. Due to its white color, it will be an elegant addition to the kitchen. “Zojirushi” cookers are of high quality, stylish in design and cheap in price.

One of the most advanced functions is the auto switch mode. When your rice is fully prepared the cooker it will automatically adjust its temperature and do not overcooked the rice but only keep it warm.

Sometimes cleaning of the inner pan of the cooker becomes hectic if it is not removable. The inner pan of the NHS-10 6 is separable from the outer body which makes it easy for cleaning. It is one of the best rice cookers for a small family with all necessary functions.

The material of the product is of high quality and it has a safety handle which remains cool during the cooking process.

Product highlights

Some of the amazing features of this product are

  • It is made of See-through lid material and it will allow seeing you the cooking process. Feel and enjoy the changing colors of the food. This will increase the appetite level.
  • Don’t burn yourself through touching the hot surfaces. Buy NHS-10 6 and say goodbye to those old fashioned manual pots forever.
  • Do not waste money on purchasing the cookware again and again just buy once and use it forever. Due to the high-quality material and it will help users in saving a lot of money and pain of searching for another product.
  • It has stainless steel steaming try with auto-switching function. This function will give you the freedom to give proper time to kids and other more productive tasks.
  • The instruction manual written in English will help users to fully understand the functions of the cooker and take full advantage of its various functions.
  •  If the 6 cup capacity looks little small, you can then NHS-18 model which has 10 cup capacity. On the other hand, if this cup capacity exceeds your requirement go for this model which has the three-cup capacity.

All these features make it a great rice cooker for small family without any doubt.

Other amazing features

It is worthy to note that the auto-switch function is available in only NHS-18 model (10 cup capacity) and NHS-10 (6 cup capacity) but not available for NHS-06 model (3 cup capacity).

This product comes with a measuring cup, spatula and also a removable cord which makes it easy to store.

Product specifications

Available Capacity 3,6 and 10 Cups
Electric Rating of the product 120 volts / 500 watts
Available colors White

Make sure you are using the measuring cup which comes with the product when measuring the rice. The product has 1000+ positive reviews from customers around the world. You can also read these reviews and can check other important elements about this pot from Amazon.

Instant Pot LUX60V3  

in our series of rice cooker for a small family, it is our second pick. There are 2 series offered in the market by “instant pot” one is called the LUX series while the other is called DUO. It is one of the best rice cookers for small family needs.

LUX is one of the basic models which is 6 in 1 while the DUO is 7 in 1. These excellent cooking pots are manufactured in china and available online on amazon.

The 6 in 1 and the 7 in 1 have can do similar functions and also have similar attributes except that the 7 in 1 can make yogurt. If the customer doesn’t have the desire for making yogurt then even 6 in 1 will also work.

Product highlights

It is another best seller product with more than 3700 reviews on Amazon. Which shows the trust and likeness of the people around the world in this high quality, multifunction elegant design cooker.

This cooker can perform the functions of 6 different kitchen is cheaper and have high-quality durable material.

Some of the greatest advantages of this pot are

  • It will cook your food almost 70% faster than the conventional cooking appliances. Which means this appliance could save energy and time.
  • Built with the latest 3 generation technology
  • Will keep the meal warm for up to 24 hours
  • Durable and safe material
  • Instant pot LUX 60V3 Includes no chemical coating or lining
  • It comes with 3 ply button which will distribute the heat evenly throughout the unit in order to prepare the food evenly
  • Food will be prepared in a fully sealed environment which will keep the taste, odor, and quality of the food intact
  • The pot has the ability to completely replace crockpot and stovetop pressure cooker you are currently using
  • It can cook any sort of chicken and all sorts of meats
  • It is available on a discount and you can purchase it with a 26% discount

Customers like these qualities when buying rice cooker for small family.That is why this product have gain recognition throught the world.

What i like about this pot

Specifications and Dimensions of the product

Capacity of the product 6 Quart perfect for up to 4 persons
Electric Rating of the product 120V – 60Hz
Power requirement 1000 watts  

The manufacturer has given keen importance to the safety of the consumer. For mitigating risk of becoming entangled or and protecting it from tripping over a longer cord, this product is supplied with a short power supply cord. With 7 safety measures, this cooker is safe to use.

What i don’t like about this cooker

The buyer has not too many choices available when it comes to color selection because this cooker is available only in one color.

Pros Cons
fingerprint resistantIt not designed for pressure frying
You can set own time by pressing the (+) button on the digital panel.  
Large display panel  

Tiger JAX-S10U-WY

If you have aesthetic sense and always prefer to buy products that have great design, then this product could be a great choice.

White and very compact shape makes it easy to carry and will add  to the beauty of the kitchen.

Very often we plan to cook after some time but at that specific time, we may forget about cooking due to some other commitments. Tiger JAX-S10U-WY provides this flexibility of delayed cooking time.

With this product just set the cooking time and forget and at that time the cooker will automatically start cooking without wasting time.

Sometimes we want to prepare other foods instead of just rice. If same the case very often with you, then this pot will help a lot.

Tiger has provided it customer 10 cooking functions. These functions include

  • Plain
  • Synchro-Cooking
  • Quick 
  • Sweet
  • Mixed
  • Porridge
  • Multigrain
  • Brown Rice
  • Steam cooking

Why i added this to our list of best rice cooker for small family

It is 5.5-Cup capacity Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer with Tiger’s exclusive “tacook” cooking plate for synchronizing cooking. The tacook technology of this product will allow multiple dishes for cooking simultaneously.

Decide on the dishes you want to cook for dinner and use this amazing cooker to prepare them all at once. This function is useful when guests are invited to the home party and you want to cook all their favorite dishes within a short time.

Product highlights

The preset time is up to 12 hours which means set today and it will start cooking tomorrow….amazing???

With the addition to the preset timer, this cooker also contains automatic shut up means that the product will automatically switch off and turn into warmer instead of cooker once the cooking time has been completed.

This function will keep the rice warm and avoid it from overcooking. Tiger JAX-S10U-WY is available in 5 cup capacity and 10 cup capacity. Cleaning of rice cookers is a difficult task because of its inner part.

 The inner pot coated for non-sticking and also through making an inner pot and the steam cap is easily removable which makes it easy to wash.

Geek Chef 6

Geek Chef is the only cooker which comes with a function called Sous-vide Function. This function enables the food to be cooked evenly with and juicy because this ensures to retain the inner moisture of the food and cook it evenly.

The temperature range of this pot is 120F-175F while the product has a default temperature of 140F. This product has combined Pressure Cooker, Sous Vide, Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Marker and Marmer in a single piece.

In addition to it, the transparent lid of the product will let you see the cooking process and adjust the pressure and other ingredients as per requirement.

Geek Chef can be used to cook a variety of dishes like

  • Yogurt
  • Cook Rice,
  • Bean /Chilli
  • Canning
  • Poultry
  • Soup/Porridge
  • Meat/Stew and many others

Product highlights

Geek Chef 6 is designed with a high-quality heating system. This heating system adjusts the heat throughout the pot through its even heat distribution system. This makes the entire food similar in taste and odor.

The heating system will also adjust the heat of the cooker according to the food being cooked. The users don’t need to worry about the difference in heating requirement for different recipes.

The delayed timer will help to plan the cooking in advance. Set the time for cooking and forget everything else, the cooker will automatically start cooking the food.

Customer security is the number 1 priority of the company and that’s why they provide added assurance to customers through ETL certification.

The company also provides one year warranty and lifetime customer support to its users. if the customer has any problem with the product, contact the customers’ support and they will do whatever they can to fix the issue.

Amazing functions and qualities

  • 12 programmable functions
  • Comes with Sous vide function
  • Even heat distribution with 3 ply bottom
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Delayed timer for up to 24 hours
  • Preserve the nutrient and vitamins of the food
  • The product is durable because of high-quality material

Product specifications

Product capacity 6 Quartz
Dimensions 13.6 x 12.2 x 12.8
Power requirements 120V – 60Hz

 Extra safety functions

The product comes with a variety of safety functions which is the main reason for adding this cooker into our list of rice cooker for small family. These safety features includes

Pressure protection

This function monitors the pressure inside the cooker and protects it from exploding or ejection of excessive steam abruptly.

Open lid protection

This function protects the cooker from opening immediately after the cooking process has been completed. If the cooker is open shortly after cooking the excessive pressure and steam could hurt the users.

Close lid protection

Rarely people just ignore whether they have correctly closed the lid or not. If the lid is not closed in an appropriate manner it will cause huge delays in food preparation which could be of great frustration to the customers. This cooker will start cooking only when the lid has been properly closed.

 Anti-blockage vent

some time small particulars can block the steam passage and the result might be the explosion of the pot which could cause heavy human and financial losses.

 Lid locking click

Extreme temperature protection

High-temperature warning

Automatic pressure control

if users don’t know what pressure level would be appropriate for a specific type of food then this function will be of great help. The pot will automatically monitor and control the pressure for each type of food being cooked inside the pan.

 Automatic pressure release

Some time excessive steam accumulates inside the pot and could result in an explosion of the product. Don’t worry this model have the function of automatic pressure control. This function will keep the pressure under control and will help in making good taste food without any risk of damage.

 Missing inner pot detection

When we are busy in our routine and suddenly we have to cook .we do all sorts of cooking arrangement in a hurry and sometimes forget to pot the inner pot inside the Cooker. This would be damaging to the whole pot and will be often a reason for anger and frustration. But what about if the pot itself detects that the inner pot has not been put in? Sound great?. well, this model has the inner pot detection function which will enable the user to notice that they have forgotten to put in the inner bowl.

 Over flow protection

The users sometimes just overfill the pot which may result in damage to the protect the overflow of the pot the manufacturer have designed a feature inside this awesome product which will indicate the overfilling.

The package also includes the following accessories in addition to the Geek Chef

  • One stainless steel inner pot
  • One stainless steel steam rack
  • One rice spatula
  • One soup spoon
  • One measuring cup for accurate measurement of rice,
  • 1 cookbook

Gourmia GPC400

Often we spend a lot of many on buying appliances for different usage in the kitchen. This not only keeps us out of budget at the end of the month but also makes the kitchen overcrowded and appliances are seen all over the kitchen.

Product features

Forget about spending time and money on specialized appliances for the kitchen because Gourmia GPC 400 will fulfill all your cooking needs. This versatile cooker can be used for all most all dishes with ease.

Why this pot have been included in our list of best rice cooker for small family?

Equipped with 13 cooking moods, this pot can be used for cooking a variety of foods, for example, meat, soup, beans, poultry sterilize and many more.

If you are in hurry and want the food to be cooked quickly then its 800 watts of power cooking will speed up the cooking process and will reduce the cooking time up to 70%.keep in mind that faster cooking does not mean that it will compromise over the quality of food. The food will have the same quality as if cooked in a slow cooker.

Great safety features included

Safety is considered as the number 1 priority when purchasing a rice cooker. This pot is perfectly safe for use because of its 12 level lid safety lock mechanism.

The precise thermostat of the cooker will look after the temperature and internal pressure automatically and you will not have to worry about it.

Product highlights

Handle with EasyGrip lid

The EasyGrip Lid contains several features which are designed to ensure easy use of the product and make the cooking process more comfortable. The easy handling of the model has made it one of the favorite options of customers around the world.

Non-sticking inner pot

 The product comes with an easy to clean inner bowl. This will allow easy cleaning of the cooker after use. Please avoid the overfilling of the inner pot. The inner pot can be removed and cleaned separately without much hustle.

Stainless base of the cooker

The base of the cooker is made of high-quality stainless steel which is equipped with programmable base and EasyGrip lid for smooth handling of the pot.

Preset timer will help you to start cooking even if you have not reached home. The keep-warm function will help to keep the food warm after cooking without overcooking it.

To make the food making more fun, the package also includes steaming rack made of stainless steel, a cup for measuring the rice quantity and a plastic spoon.

What makes it best rice cooker for small family

  • The digital panel is designed to make the food making process easy for you. Some of  the main buttons on the panel are
  • Preset/Time Button: Press to set the Delay Timer
  • Soup Button: This button can be used to cook bean on auto set mood  
  •  Meat Button: This button is designed to cook meat on auto mode
  •  Poultry Button: User can use this button to cook poultry
  • Steam Button: This button is designed for steaming in an automated way
  • Sauté Button: If you want to cook Sauté, just press this button and the cooker will automatically prepare it for you within a few minutes.
  • Slow Cook Button: Press to set the Slow Cook Auto Method
  • Dessert Button: Press to set the Dessert Auto Mode
  • Beans Button: This button can be used to cook bean in an automatic way
  • Porridge Button: It can be used to cook Porridge
  • Rice Button: This button when pressed set the rice on auto cook mode
  • Warm/Cancel Button: This button can be used to cancel any cooking option while it can also be used to operate the keep warm function of the cooker
  • LED Display
  • — and + Buttons: Press to alter preset Mode times 15 Pressure Cook Time Button: Press to set Custom Time Mode

Product specifications

Product Name Gourmia GPC400  
Product dimensions 14.7 x 11.9 x 11.9 inches
Product weight 10.5 pounds
Available sizes 2.5 Quart and 6 Quart


so far we have discussed the five best rice cooker for the small family available in the market right now. The manufacturer is in competition and they are improving their product with the future, if a product comes into the market which has better functions than any of the item included in this list we will update our list.To keep yourself informed please visit our site once in a week.

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