Rice Cooker as Steamer!,lets know how to do it

How to use a rice cooker to steam vegetables

Many of us are interested in using Rice Cooker as Steamer! but they don’t know the exact method.In this article we are going to explore the exact method.Rice cooker can do a variety of other foods instead of just cooking rice.Today in this article we will try to let you know  how to use a rice cooker to steam vegetables.

The steam function can be performed more efficiently through an instant pot. But what if do not have any instant pot available in your kitchen appliance range?.let me tell you the solution.the solution is very simple use a rice cooker instead.As it can be done with rice cooker too.

Why do we steam vegetables ?

There are obvious reasons for steaming vegetables instead of cooking it in ordinary way.The first reason is simple “steamed vegetables are tastier than those cooked in a casual manner.

The other reason is health.the steamed vegetables are more soft and light on you stomach .It will have a light feeling after eating them.

Why steaming vegetables for baby

feeding baby with prepared baby food available in the market could be some time to the health of the baby.

Instead of giving the artificial food to the baby ,a better option to could be steamed vegetables.

It is more cheaper ,convenient and healthy method of feeding the baby.

The following things are required for doing this process

  • A working rice cooker with a steam basket
  • A knife
  • Some vegetables
  • Water

A word of caution

It is necessary to add the appropriate amount of rice and liquid into the cooker.Do not try to adjust the amount only for the purpose of producing more steam.If you did it will disturb the taste and texture of the rice.

How to steam veggies in a rice cooker

It is very easy to steam vegetables instead a rice cooker.If you know how to use a rice cooker ?. Then it will be very easy for you to steam vegetables.

First of all, after adding the rice and liquid to the pot ,take out some vegetables wash it and cut down into pieces.Take out the rice cooking basket of the cooker and fill it with the vegetables.  

Now put the top cover of the cooker and turns the rice cooker.The rice cooker will start working and will start boiling the water.

When the water reaches its boiling point then it will start converting into steam.

The hot steam will flow through basket which is placed just above the surface of the rice. And this hot steam will eventually steam the rice.

The user must be aware of the fact that the steaming of vegetable in a rice cooker is possible with a cooker having steam basket.

The steamer basket is not necessarily available in every sort of rice cookers.It is only available in high quality and expensive pots only.

how to use Rice Cooker as Steamer! when steaming veggies?

Rice cooker with baskets are not the only means of steaming vegetables there are other methods too.

But all these methods are somehow difficult and time consuming.They are worthy of trying if you do not have access to a rice cooker with a steamer.

We will discuss those methods in other articles till then try this method.If you need any assistance in understanding the method just give us a message through our comment section.

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