Instant Pot vs Rice Cooker which one should i buy ?

Is pressure cooker and instant pot the same?

Instant Pot vs Rice Cooker

How many times we hear from people saying that rice cooker and instant pot are same.some people are of the view that they are same we are going to find out what is an instant pot vs pressure cooker.

what is instant pot?

some of you may already aware of this is a modern cookware which is used in modern kitchens. It is becoming more day by day because of its versatile can perform the same tasks which a rice cooker,pressure cooker ,slow cooker or steamer can is smaller in size than traditional pressure cookers and therefore can save you a lot of time.

Should i buy a rice cooker or instant pot?

The following are some of the key features of instant pot

  • It can replace a lot of kitchen appliances for you because of its multipurpose functionality.
  • This pot can be purchased in various models,designs and colors.It is more costly than a rice cooker.
  • It can do various types of meals.
  • Instant pot can prepare food with great speed so if you are always short on time then it could be a perfect choice.

Instant pot pressure cooker instructions

The following are some of the important instructions for using instant pot pressure cooker

  1. Avoiding touching the hot surface of the cooker ,because it does not have cool to touch function.
  2. Use it on counter-top only
  3. Never use oil when deep frying or pressure fry
  4. It is not for use other than 110-120V~/60Hz electric system.
  5. do not operate it with damage or broken cord other wise their is always a risk of electric shock.

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