How rice cooker works

How rice cooker works

How rice cooker works

In this post we are going to tell you exactly how does rice cooker works.So lets begin without wasting anytime further.

when the cooker is turn on the heating system of the cooker starts operating and  begin to warming the heating coil of the cooker.This heat is transmitted to the water or liquid inside the cooker.

What science say about this heating process

water have a boiling temperature of 100 CC under normal conditions.So when the water becomes so hot that it reaches it boiling point,then it starts converting into vapors.

These vapors or steam is hot and increase the temperature further inside the pot.

Because of this excessive moisture hot steam absorb the water from the meal and in this way cook it.

how rice cookers prevent rice from burning

when the temperature of the inside rice rise to 212 degree the sensor of the pot gives a signal to the thermostat that rice of the water have been completely absorbed.

With receiving of this signal the thermostat stop working and do not heat the rice further more .In this way the rice inside the pot is protected from overcooking and burning.

the following video shows how does rice cooker it and and know the science of rice cooker working

The normal boiling point of water increase with decrease in decrease in .It is the main reason of cooking food quickly inside a compact environment like that of a rice cooker.similar is the reason for rice cookers to take more time when used at high altitudes.

Technology have made life easier

one of the important benefit of Technology is that it makes the human efforts more directed. If we have to cook the rice in manually then it will be very difficult and hectic task to handle.

you will have to watch it thoroughly if you don’t you may burn the rice. in the presence of rice cooker you don’t have to worry about cooking rice because it has made this task fully automatic.

when you want to use automatic rice cooker you put rice and water in the appropriate ratio and press the “On” button. This how easy it works.

Read rice cooker instructions to avoid any inconvenience

Each pots have different methods of operation. The user should read rice cooker instructions in order to understand how it works.

Dealing with rice cooker with fuzzy logic

Such type of cookers are the most advance form of rice pot with modern technology.the user should read the rice cooker instructions in detail and follow each and everything contained in the rice cooker manual in order to avoid any harmful effect of the pot.

Know, how does rice cooker works
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Know, how does rice cooker works
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