Best Rice Cookers – Top Rated Rice Cookers-What is highest rated rice cooker in 2020

Best Rice Cookers - Top Rated Rice Cookers-What is highest rated rice cooker in 2020

All of us want to have highest rated rice cooker but buying kitchen appliances is not an easy to do task. Why? Because we have some much new brands who are offering a variety of items and they have many types of the same product.

 The manufacture try to attract the costumers on low price or high a customer we want to buy  a product that have the all the qualities we need and also the product is low  have low price. Combining a great mix of quality and price is a hectic and time consuming practice.

we have combined a lot of useful information that would help you to find a perfect highest rated rice cooker.

We have selected this item on the basis of requirements of the family, functionality, ease of use , budget of the household and customers satisfaction level from the product. Have a look at them and choose the right one.

Geek Chef 8 Qt

Guess the reason for selecting this pot!!!No idea? Let me tell you; it is the first electric rice cooker in the USA with inner pot, double-sided handles and a newly designed EZ-lock structure. This EZ-lock structure not only adds value to the safety but also makes it easy to handle.

EZ- Lock for added safety

Safety is the prime concern for users when they decide to buy a rice cooker. But rest assure because this model has great safety features . EZ-lock is made simple and can be used by just twisting the lid handle. Just twisting ,prepare and hold the cool touch handles.

Easy to use and stand alone design

The oval shape and aluminum inner part makes easy to clean, furthermore the inner part is non-stick due to its coating. User will have the comfort of preparing any sort of meal and then wash the pot super easy.

The outer part is made of anti-fingerprints stainless. The product has built in function to prepare all sorts of amazing recipes. Prepare different kinds of meals for the entire family with just press of a button.

Rated one of the best on the basis of reviews for rice cookers on various platforms

In modern days were the world is faced with high rates of inflation and low consumer purchasing power, it some times become difficult to purchase different kind of cookware for kitchen.

With its preset 12 functions, you don’t have to purchase different kind of cookware for cooking different kind of foods. This product have combined 12 kitchen ware have combine into a single pot.

Accompanied with all rice cooking accessories

The product is solely a gift but the manufacturer is providing the following accessories with this item.

  • Measuring cup for rice which help to find out what quantity is being made in the rice cooker
  • Rice paddle which would make the rice stirring very easy and fun
  • Soup for spoon would be useful when you want to have fun with soup
  • Stainless steel rack
  • Cook book could be handy in adding different unique dishes onto dining table. This cook book contains multiple recipes and will help a lot when it comes to recipe selection for a particular event.
  • One year warranty

If you still have doubts over the quality and user satisfaction, you can read the customers review about this product.

Zavor LUX LCD 4 Quart

Every time we purchase something we often see whether the people who already have used this cooker are satisfied with its performance or not? .As per customer reviews , this product is one of the high quality rice cookers within this price range.

It is also one of the highest rated rice cookers according to America’s test kitchen.

The good thing about this product is that it can function both as conventional pressure cooker and slow why waste money on slow cooker when this cooker this product is providing the comfort of slows cooking.

It can be used to cook a variety of foods with ease because of its multiple functionality feature.with this pot you can do slow cooking, steam, brown, flex and simmer,grains, eggs, dessert.

Versatile function rice cooker

Thinking of a versatile cooker? This is for you. This product comes with 33 programmable settings for meat beans soup, risotto, vegetable, omelette, cheesecake and more.

The amazing pot have ‘keep warm” function and time delay program and can be used as per convenience. Do whatever you want with this amazing cookware.

The item have special feature for cooking white rice, which will enable only steam for cooking. The brown function of the pot will enable you to brown the food in the same rice cooker before cooking.

Quick and entirely automated rice cooker

All the functions have automatic adjustment for different types of food which makes it one of the highest rated rice cooker .

This product also allows preparing homemade fresh yogurt in a simple two step process. The keep warm function turns on after the cooking time has completed and this enable the food to remain warn. With the help of its delayed function, the cooking time can be delayed up to six hours.

Easy in Use with user friedly lid display

The assist icon on the outer side of the pot contain a panel which will show, when the food is preheating, cooking and when the lid needs to be opened or closed. This amazing function have improved the safety and easy of use.

If you don’t have previous knowledge of dealing with electric rice cooker then the manual provided with this cooker will help a lot in educating about the different functionality of a typical electric rice cooker.

Available cook book

The amazing cook book that comes with this product will introduce many new dishes to your family. This book have explained each and every step of cooking in greater detailed and will help you to when hearts through preparation of perfect meals.

To know more about the product and have a detailed view of the designed and reading customers point of view about this product

OYAMA Stainless 16-Cup

Do you have a large family or want a rice comer heavy duty cooking? Oyama CNS-A15U stainless steel rice cooker could be one of the greatest choices available in the market.

These pots have 16 cup (cooked) capacity. The rice double in amount when cooked this means that it have 8 cups uncooked rice capacity.

One of the highest best rated rice cooker

The reason for selecting this product is due to the fact that,OYAMA is a relatively new brand but it has the one of the highest quality rice cooker in the world. The price is low but you will have all the functions and qualities that an expensive branded rice cooker could have.

The product is accompanied with a free streamer try. People prepare to see the cooking process of food, this rice cooker provide this opportunity due to its glass cover.

Low energy requirement

This product has low electricity consumption and can operate on 120V / 60 Hz only.Please note that this product does not work on 220V.

The product is simple to use and can be operated with one touch.It have also setting which also the rice to remain warm after the cooking time has ended.

Made of high quality stainless steel material

The stainless steel will give you the health safety as steel is known as one of the non-reactive metal used in modern cookware. Steel pots are also helpful in preserving the taste of the food and do not absorb the unusual taste and aroma.

The steel will also not react with acidic foods and sauces put into cooking process.The kitchen wares made of steel are durable and they do not rust, tarnish, peel or pit.

Low Price as compared to other similar cookers

The product have low price but contains all the functions which are expected from similar product. Moreover, the cooking pot and the steaming tray which comes with this product is 100% recyclable.

Tiger JKT-B10U-C

It is one of best buy rice cooker available .Tiger JKT-B10U-C use the most advance induction heating technology which provide alternating electric current from the entire inner pot for cooking.

This pot has the setting to precisely adjust the temperature in short time span.

This product is respondent to temperature which means that it takes less time for cooking.

Metal inner cooking pan made of 3 layers

It will heat the rice up to 265° F and steam the rice at a high temperature of 240° Thanks to its high quality 1.5 millimeter thick inner pan.

Preset timer for perfect cooking

With conventional one push operating cooker, this item have 2 preset timers to adjust the cooking time.

Functions available and how to use

This product has a variety of function. Choose the desired function as per requirement and wait for healthy and tasty meal.

For short grain white rice, you can select from the following functions

  • Plain
  • Ultra
  • Quick

The “Ultra” function will bring out the maximum sweetness, flavor and stickiness of the rice.

Similarly the “Quick” will cook the rice within a short period of time.

For long grain white rice you can select the“Jasmine” or the “Brown” functions for a healthier alternative.

Tiger JBV-A10U-W

Another top rated rice cooker multipurpose cooker will allow the user to prepare two recipes at the same time because of the “tacook” cooking function.

In past people have to cook a single dish in a particular time cookware but now the trend has changed. The users are now shifting to kitchenware that is designed to prepare multiple meals at the same time.

Cook any food you may like

With JBV-A10U-W you can have the comfort of cooking multiple foods at the same time.This tiger automatic cooker’s logic system monitor the cooking process and prepare a perfect meal.

With its high quality material this product has the capability of long lasting .Its specially designed cooking plate will serve to preserve the flavor and texture of the rice.

Some of the prominent feature are

  • Four cooking menu setting will help to cook any sort of food. Just set the appropriate function and prepare what you like.
  • Cooking plate which is BPA free the cooking plate of this product is BPA approved for nontoxic and user means the user should not be worry about safety and health issues when cooking in this model.
  • Sometimes we arrive home and heat on to our refrigerator and take out the frozen meal which we stored last night.
  • Now warming such deadly cold meal is not only irritating but also we observe a difference in taste from last night.
  • No more such hectic task every day, cook the food with JBV-A10U and forget about its storage.

Includes the following great features too

  • The keep it warm function will keep the food warm for you for about 24 hour and you will not have to warm it again and again.
  • Don’t worry it will not overcook the food ,once the food is fully prepared this function will turn on and will just keep the food warm.
  • Cleaning the rice cooker inner side remains always a big issue. This will consume a lot of time and energy.
  • Designed with inner pan removable, so you could easily separate it from the main body and clean it.
  • The inner steam cap is detachable which will add to ease of use and also improve the safety of the product.It also makes the product easier to clean as well.

we will keep on updating once we find more highest rated rice cooker so keeping visiting.For reading more about this product and check the latest price please refer

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