What is donabe steamer and how it works?

donabe steamer

What is the first thing which comes to mind when you hear the term “donabe steamer”?. This pot originated from japan. The word donabe is basically pronounced as Dona-bee.In japan “Dona” means clay and “bee” means part.Donabe is a clay part which is used for cooking purpose.

If you are wondering how it works? keep on reading as we are going to discuss it in detail

The donabe streamer acts like any other cooking pot. You put it on fire and cook whatever you want. The local people from japan like meals cooked in such cooking pot as part of their cooking tradition. Family members sit around the pot while cooking, having some chit chat with each other and waiting for their meal to be ready.

The other question that comes into mind is whether it works like the pressure cooker or it is just a normal cooking pot?. The answer is simple; this is just like a manual cooking vessel. These pots cook food slowly but the taste is unique. This taste is because of the material of the pot which is different from the normal traditional cooking pots.

Ease of Use

Donabe is quite simple to use, anyone can use it even if they have no previous knowledge or experience of using it. Just put the desired item in it , spill some water, add other ingredients of the dish and wait for some time for your dish to be ready.

What Japanese people say about donabe steamer

Japanize people have associated many amazing things to these pots. They think that the food cooked in donabe is healthier than the food cooked in modern vessels. They are right up to some extent, we hardly know what the manufacturers add as supplementary material when they manufacture these cooking vessels.we are also unaware of what will be the effect on human health of those ingredients.

Material of the Pot

Pure clay is used in the manufacturing of the donabe . They do not use any sort of chemical in the manufacturing material. They only use paints to give a proper look at it. Paint is only on the outer side of the part and never mixed with the food.

Awesome design

To talk about design, these pots are not as attractive when compared with modern days rice cookers. But the simplicity of design makes them more easy to use and they are more convenient to clean.

Don’t forget that these products are manual and old fashioned. It means that they don’t operate on electricity instead operates on wood and gas fire. If you are not bothered with little effort you can buy them to taste the high-quality tasty foods.

Another advantage of donable pots are, its multiple uses, you can use it for cooking almost any food. They will take some time probably more time than a pressure cooker. The quality of the food being cooked will be awesome and will be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.

How the family can enjoy and have fun with donabe steamer

It can be a source of family get together. In chill weather, the family members can assemble around the pot and have some chat and fun together while the meal is undercook.

They are usually available in black or red colors. These colors protect it from stains when cooked on the fire.

They are completely healthy and environment-friendly. Its made of high-quality non-toxic material which is safe.

Final thoughts about donabe steamer

So should you by donabe streamer or a traditional pressure cooker?. Well, it is up to you, want great taste and can spend some time cooking then go for this. If you are always short on time then off course it will be better to use a conventional pressure cooker.

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