Can you slow cook in a pressure cooker? Learn from experts

wondering about can you slow cook in a pressure cooker? the answer is yes but!!!

Let me tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds. In a slow pot, you just press a button and the pot start doing slow cooking for you but if you want to use the pressure pot as slow pot then the process is little complicated.

If you have money in hand purchasing a separate slow pot can be a great choice. But if you are on a budget using the pressure cookers as a slow pot could be a great choice.

If you are looking for the answer about can you slow cook in a pressure cooker then keep on the reading. Without wasting much of the time the answer to the question is yes!!! We are going to tell you how exactly it can be done.

If you want to use the pressure cookers as a slow pots then you should know the functionality difference of the two types of pots and then adjust the functions of slow cooker to make it alike pressure appliance.

Here is the detailed explanation of the differences and how can you adjust them to achieve the desired results.

  • The keep-warm function and low function on both types of appliances is the same.
  • Low function on the traditional slow pot is in resemblances with the Medium function on the instant pot slow appliance function.
  • Medium-high on a traditional slow cooker is equal to high on the Instant Pot Function

What is proper why?

  • Don’t forget to add at least one cup of liquid into the dish
  • After pressing slow cooking function on the instant pot and then adjust the setting to normal or high
  • If you want to cook any type of recipe like the one that you want to cook in a slow pot then the slow pot should be adjusted to the normal on the slow pot.
  • If the user desire to cook a dish like he or she would cook on a high in a slow cooker they should adjust slow pot to “high” and cook it till the recipes states plus extra fifteen minutes for each hour.

Further explanation of the matter

The crockpot low setting is about 190-200 degrees while the high setting on a similar pot is about 225-275 degrees.

The slow function on the instant unit is about 170-200 degree and the highest setting is on such pot is about 225-275 degrees.

Final note

In this article we discuss how we can convert a pressure pot into a slow pot but one thing we consider necessary to mention.

 If it is used for the purpose it is made of i.e fast cooking. If you want to do proper small cooking then it is advisable to purchase a separate slow rice cooker instead of using it as a pressure cooker.

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