Best rice cooker under $100

Do you want to purchase a rice cooker under $100 only ?.Well this is because we want to have high quality pot with all the desired functions and which is affordable.

best rice cooker under $100

Cooker appliances below this price level may have poor quality of material and limited functions while those above the higher limit will be just not affordable for everyone.

Cuckoo CR-0655F-another best rice cooker under $100

it is one of the editor choice in best rice cooker under $ 100 category. This unit have amazing Fuzzy logic and intelligence algorithm which will serve to cook high quality delicious food within a few minutes.

It is easy to clean with its non-sticking Teflon coating on the inner pot. With this unit you will have joy convenience of cooking any sort of rice with it. The vessel is specially designed for cooking foods such as grab rice, mixed rice, porridge, Gaba rice and Nu rung ji.

The patented technology of Cukoo which is called “My Mode “ enable the customer select the level of softness of the through adjusting the level of soak and heat of the dish. The four stages of the cooking will make 16 kinds of taste for you.

What is great in this rice cooker under $100

We often purchase different of kitchen appliances to prepare baby food in it. With this unit the customers will not need to purchase pots which are designed for cooking such food. These cookers have programmed function for preparing healthy homemade baby food.

Washing the cooker after the meal remain one of the major issue because of the complex structure of most of the pots but no more such issues.

Cukoo CR-0655F have detachable cover and cover packing, just separate them and clean them one by one easily.

Some of the great features of this high quality cooker are as follow

Automated steam cleaning

With these functions the cooker can be clean with just a single touch of a button. Cuckoo CR-0655F contains a strong jet steam which will perfectly clean the inner side of the vessel when released.

Keep warm activates automatically once cooking has been done. Also, You can change the warm temperature based on your preference from 69°C(156°F) to 80°C(176°F)

Keep warm function

This function will start working automatically once the meal is fully done. The user can change the temperature from 69°C(156°F) to 80°C(176°F) on desire.All this is available within this rice cooker under $100.

Delayed timer

You can plan the meal in advance through its delayed timer function. The delay timing is about 12 hours and 50 minutes which means that you can set the breakfast at night when you are about to sleep.

Accessories included in the package

The package contains some of useful accessories which will facilitate the cooking process. One stick surface of the scoop will help in making the serving easier for users.All thee qualities makes it one of the Well this is because we want to have high quality pot with all the desired functions and which is affordable.

Oster CKSTRCMS65- Choose the best rice cooker under $100

This one of the best rice cooker under 100$ .It will make delicious rice and will keep it warm tell serving. Washing the sticky rice cooker remains one of the biggest issues of housewives but not with this pot.

This pot is easy to clean with its non-sticky nature. Accompanied with steaming basket it can steam vegetables and fish alongside cooking rice for your contain all the functions and options which a costly rice cooker would why wasting money on some high value appliances?

Some of the awesome features of these vessels are

Keep warm after cooking

With this function the rice cooker will convert automatically when the rice is fully prepared. This removes the problem of warming the rice again for eating.

Get free steamer basket with this rice cooker under $100

Do you that this cooker comes with a steamer basket. This steamer basket is placed over the rice for steaming vegetables and fish. The pot is designed to prepare more than rice at one time.

This steamer tries will save you time and energy and will remove the extra burden of cooking different dishes in many appliances.

The steam is thought part of the cooker but it is not necessarily must be attached to the pot. If you do not want to steam anything, then just remove the steam basket and use the pot for cooking any dish you may like.

This rice cooker under $100 Versatile in nature

This appliance has made cooking very easy as all the cooking options are automated without little involvement of human. It’s time to save time and energy for doing more productive function or watching your favorite Tv show.

It is multitasking and can be used for a variety of dishes like oatmeal, steamed, vegetables, frittatas, mashed potatoes, banana bread and hard boil eggs.

Cooking times of the pot

White rice takes about half hour to cook while the brown, black and other types of rice would take about 45 minutes in this pot until fully cooked.It also works great with cooking brown rice too.

The cooking process have become very fast with the introduction of these new pots.They are easy to operate than manual appliances and everyone can use them.they are also more safer for housewives and children.

It is also good for travelers as it can be carried anywhere for cooking.

Oster Rice cooker measurements

Product Dimensions9 x 10 x 9.3 inches
Item Weight3.31 pounds
Domestic ShippingCan be shifted to anywhere inside united states
International ShippingIt cannot be shifted outside united states
Manufacturer Oster

If you want to know how much each of the dishes would take then here is the list of dishes along with their approximate cooking time.

Rice cooking times of this cooker

BROCCOLI 11-13 Min
CARROTS 8-10 Min
PEA PODS 4-6 Min
ZUCCHINI 10-12 Min

from the above table we can see that how fast it can has all the requirements of a modern rice cooker.All these qualities and functions makes it one of the best rice cooker under 100$ .

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