Best japanese rice cooker 2020 review

Today we will talk about some of the best Japanese rice cooker brand which provides high quality affordable rice cooker.the following is a list of top japanese rice cooker

List of top japanese rice cooker

  • Tiger JKT-S10W
  • Panasonic SR-JH10-N.
  • Tiger JKL-T10W

1.Tiger JKT-S10W

With induction heating system rice cooker you can cook rice more easily and fast than microcomputer rice cookers. Rice Cooker Tiger JKT-S10W have inner pot and also its lid made of solely of clay. This prevent heat from uneven distribution. With the help of its double copper fiver layer pot, it helps the even heating distribution of heat.

With the help of its cooking plate you can made multiple dishes at the same is very easy to easy and easy to clean. All the important parts like the lid, bowl and other parts can easily be separated and is great for those people who got very little time for cooking their foods.

2.Panasonic SR-JH10-N

This Panasonic rice cooker use diamond coated heat retaining system. This system helps to transfer the heating from the induction heating system throughout the rice cooker. The diamond coated system for proper distribution of heat makes bubbles around the rice.

The charcoal coated inner pan cook rice to the best delicious taste. It is made of stainless steel which it makes easy to clean. This rice cooker is great because it is very simple to use.

All you have to do is to put some water and rice in the cooker and press the button and wait for some time. Panasonic SR-JHS10 is great for people with little rice requirements are people who are not too skilled in cooking rice.

Tiger JKL-T10W

The great thing about this cooker is that with the help of its clay inner ceramic pan it will remain boiling even if you have turned off the cooker. With its ceramic base and five layers coating it is able to maintain its heating for a longer time and will keep your rice fresh and warm for few hours.

This rice cooker is equipped with sensor system which will help you to make delicious rice with ease and comfort. With its Full lid LCD system you can see the rice cooking with your own eyes and can adjust the heat accordingly.

Another great thing I like about this rice cooker is that the manufacture is providing audio book as well in addition with the manual reading manual, this will help you to learn how to operate the rice cooker while you are performing other routine tasks.

Available Voltage220V220V
Electric RatingCook 1075 WCook 1160 W
Size / Weight27.8×39.5×20.9cm / 5.1Kg31.1×42.2×23.7cm / 6.0Kg

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